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IonCleanse Detox Foot Bath 

These relaxing and educational sessions provide a thorough and efficient way to detoxify the body of toxins and wastes effortlessly. The results will astound you! It can help with healthy weight loss, increased energy can help slow the aging process, and help restore a balanced pH.

30 min ~ $40


 Safe, non-invasive, radiation-free imaging. Preserve your breast, heart health and much more! The images are interpreted by Dr. Matthew Lee, MD, RPh, MS of eLEEte Physicians. This professional, preventive medical test is done at the Wellness Village.

Breast or single region-$205

Health Screening (Half Body without Abdomen)-$365

Health Screening (Half Body with Abdomen)- $425

4 or more regions (Full Body)-$597

Special pricing is offered in October in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and in February to recognize Heart Health Month. Please call for details. 

 Special pricing is always applied for returning clients.

Notice: Thermography is not a device. It is a test of physiology and does not replace any anatomical testing device including mammography.

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Zyto Compass Assessment

Experience this unique software program that assesses your body's energetic field and surveys 76 bio-markers in your body to determine what is out of range or balance. The Compass then identifies the exact supplements that will bring the bio-markers back into balance and, consequently, improve health. Discover which nutrients your body prefers.

15 min ~ $35

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Nutritional/Glycemic Index Counseling

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Included is a vitamin/mineral deficiency assessment along with education about the meaning and importance of the glycemic index, food value analysis, and making best choices for healthy eating with this index in mind. 

60 min ~ $65

Metabolic Type Nutritional Assessment

This 65-question assessment tool shows how to best fuel your metabolic type: a protein, carb, or mixed type. We determine how best to fuel your body for optimal weight and when you eat right for your type! Sample menus are included.

60 min ~ $65

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Lifestyle Analysis

Great assessment for anyone having health concerns; helps determine which body system might be in need of support. 

30 min ~ $40

Weight Loss Analysis

This assessment tool helps to pinpoint body systems in need of support to enhance achieving your optimal weight.

30 min ~ $40

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Stress Management Assessment

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This is an assessment tool that examines many different areas of your life, looking for strengths, stressors, and solutions. Stress is the number one cause of acidity in the body, which can lead to inflammation resulting in an array of disorders.

60 min ~ $65

Brain Health/Pastoral Consultation

Orthomolecular and mental health assessments help target areas in need of support. Explore nutrients that may help support mental/emotional balance.

60 min ~ $65

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Assessment

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If you’re interested in bioidentical hormones, we have the capability to do assessments for a compounding pharmacy in the area and will guide you through the process to investigate this option.

60 min ~ $65

pH Testing

This important test indicates by urine and saliva where your acid/alkaline levels fall. About 90% of Americans are acidic due to stress, environmental pollution, and chemicals in what we eat and drink. When our bodies' normal detox channels become overloaded, calcium can be pulled from our bones to neutralize excess acid levels. If the levels still are high, our bodies store acids and we can experience joint, back, hip, neck, knee pain and, sometimes, kidney stones, and we have difficulty absorbing vitamins and minerals. Nutrition and supplements can often help restore pH balance.

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20 min ~ $35

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